Careers Guidance Counselling and Aptitude Testing

Welcome. My aim is to guide you towards making smart career choices and increase your chances of success in a hyper competitive jobs market.


My comprehensive Professional Career Guidance, Career Planning and Aptitude Testing Service is designed to provide individuals and groups in Ireland with a deeper understanding of future career directions and to clearly identify the types of careers individuals will be good at based on their psychological make up and natural abilities.


With my knowledge and experience of career coaching I can provide the tools to help you gain a more accurate understanding of your strengths & weaknesses, what makes you tick and help you to identify with more certainty what careers will satisfy your personal values.


Some of the Careers Guidance Services I provide are:


  • Aptitude, Psychometric and Career Interest Testing.
  • Help in writing a killer CV and covering letter.
  • Coaching and Preparation for performing at job interviews.
  • Guidance on changing career direction.
  • The jobs market and Job Growth Forecasts.
  • Help in getting you back to work
  • Identifying School and College courses tailored to your career goals.
  • Entitlements to Grants, Funding & Scholarships in 3rd level education.
  • CAO, UCAS and PLC systems clearly explained in plain English.

If you have no idea of what career direction to take maybe you need some reassurance that the choices you make will be the right ones for you. Many people need help in finding the right course, career plan or job and with my expertise I hope to provide you with the answers you need.


Many people spend most of their life working, doesn't it make sense to work in a job that you are going to enjoy. With career planning and preparation from an experienced career coach it is possible to one day work in a job that is going to satisfy your intellectual and professional needs while being suited to your character and personality.


Please browse the rest of the site to see in more detail why booking a Careers Guidance Appointment with me may prove to be a wise decision in the long term. A consultation and/or Aptitude Test should help you make more informed choices in planning your career path or towards landing you the calibre of job your talents deserve. Good luck.

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Tuesday 28-Feb

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